Amityville Horror Movie Review


These days, a lot of horror films are based from true stories. Not to mention, almost half of them are remakes.  “The Amityville Horror” didn’t get away from this cliché.  Directed by Andrew Douglas and produced by the well-known Michael Bay, this film made it big when it hit the cinemas on 2005.  It was excellently played by leading cast Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George.


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“Needle” is a horror film by director John V. Soto set within college friends.  The casts include Michael Dorman, Travis Fimmel and Jessica Marais.


 Ben (Dorman), a college student inherits the family’s endowment from his father who died 2 years ago.  Along with it is a mysterious box just recently found by the legal representative.  He later found that the box is a tool for revenge, but there’s one little problem.  The evil device was stolen and has been killing his friends.  Ben and his brother Marcus (Fimmel) are out on a mission to solve the mystery and find the killer.



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The Crazies Movie Review


The Crazies is a remake of George Romero’s 1973 classic thriller.  Set in a little farming town in Pierce County, Iowa with leading performances of cast Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell, this horror film is directed by Breck Eisner. 


 In a small town Ogden Marsh, Pierce County, Iowa, David Dutton (Olyphant) is the local sheriff and husband of town doctor Judy Dutton (Mitchell).  It’s a perfect little town.  Everyone knows everyone until a local, wearing a blank unresponsive look appears in a baseball game with a shotgun and acts suspiciously.  Things go awfully wrong when another townsfolk goes from humane to insane.  Inhabitants of this small town suddenly loosen their nuts when an unknown viral outbreak hits.  Not just crazy-“crazy” but the type that uncontrollably kills people and turning the peaceful town a living hell.  Desperate to get out of the unfortunate Ogden Marsh, the couple along with the deputy and doctor’s assistant horribly struggle for their lives as soldiers tries to take them away.  Not to mention, bunch of crazies are after them too.

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Ringu Movie Review


Have you tried watching a horror film alone late at night in complete silence with nothing but the TV on?  This is the movie you’ll never gonna watch alone.  “Ringu” is a Japanese horror film in the late 90s.  The original movie that “The Ring”, “Ring 2” and “Ring 0” came from.  Definitely, a chiller!  A film directed by Nakada Hideo based from the Novel of Suzuki Koji (Kadakawa Shoten).  The cast includes Matsushima Nanako, Nakatani Miki and Sanada Hiroyuki. 

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Coming Soon Movie Review


Thai horror “Coming Soon” did make an outstanding noise, with first-time director Sophon Sakdaphisit who is the writer of other successful horror movie genres “Shutter” and “Alone”.  The film was a hit in its 2008 release, with cast Chantavit Dhanasevi and pop singer (Punch) Worakarn Rochjanawach.  They and much of Sakdaphisit’s efforts fuel up plenty of hair-raising moments in this movie.

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