UFO Case: Sighting 10/13/2010 Chelsea, New York

It's been a great couple of days since I touched a UFO video; I know I said that I was going to focus more on UFO sightings videos with my investigations, but I can't.  Not at this time, I have been working many hours just trying to get themystified.com back to the way it was when it actually had a couple thousand people check in to the site daily.  The glory days.

So the last UFO sighting case that I did do in my opinion was unbelievable and I don't think that I could actually find another UFO sighting video like that again to do a case on that is real(remember a few weeks back I decided to only post real UFO sightings).

Today I did in fact find something pretty interesting.  It is a recording from an ABC 7 news broadcast.  ABC news sent their local reporter Jeff Pegues to to cover the report.  He brought those big, bad, insanely expensive professional digital cameras to do the report.  They did in fact record the UFO in the sky with their camera.

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UFO Case: Sighting 2/2010 Mexico

So after writing at least 300 words for this article to have everything lost is quite depressing but it's not.  It was depressing and then I got over it.  My silent anger was contained and then released into the air like it never existed; no trails of it's existence.

Today I was searching youtube and I found this quite remarkable UFO sighting video.  Here's the thing, the date of the video is from February 2010 and I bet when you watch this your going to either shit yourself and then say why haven't I seen this before.  It's that crazy of a video, I have even passed it through all the tests and it passed with flying colors. 

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UFO Case: Sighting 7/2011 Brazil

I really wish that I had paid more attention in school when it came to foreign languages.  I took Spanish for four years in high school and now 8 years after high school remember very little, maybe that its due to my lack of use after high school.  I mean that's probably it, maybe my whole probably is usage, I should have done more with my free time than sit around watching movies all day. 

Today I found this pretty cool UFO Sighting video, and I know using the terms "pretty cool" at my age is kind of weird, but who really cares about that right,  the UFO video is in Spanish with a Brazilian dialect.  I would say that 20% of the video from a Brazilian Newscast.  The other 80 % of the video comes from the footage which comes from 2 different sources.  Each source is in Spanish, which means your going to have to start remembering what you learned in high school.  For me it seems I forgot everything. 

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UFO Case: Sighting 1/16/2011 France

So earlier today after I finished writing an article on Navajo folklore( been writing it for many months), I decided to do look on youtube for some UFO sightings and to my expectations I found alot of crap. 

Some of the videos on youtube could be real but you just couldn't confirm it as fact just because they were recorded with low quality camera phones.  After about watching 20 or so videos I was ready to bang my head across the computer screen.  Then I found it, the UFO video that is different from the rest and to me it's looks and tests to be real.

There are a few things to take notice about the video and that is it is extremely long ,so if you go an extra 15 minutes to spear to watch the video please go right ahead.  If not just take a look at the Case pictures.  The second and last thing is that the video is in French, I know most of my viewers are from North America and the default language is English so that's gonna be a problem for you guys. 

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UFO Case: Sighting 8/26/2011 Bronx, New York

How many of us had an odd weekend, raise your hands if you did. 
I had a weird weekend which may fit in with an UFO encounter or just be a very real dream.  I am at the point where I cannot decipher if what I seen was a dream or was reality.  It's strange, this sorta thing has happened to me in the past but that was about 6 or so years ago. 

Well I hate to go course like just did but I had to let that out.  Bottled up puzzlement should always be released and let everyone know about it, who knows who could have an answer for it.  I shouldn't write about it here in UFO Cases, I'll talk to management and see where I should write that article. 

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