Are Dreams Always Just Dreams?

It was a cold day in central Minnesota, as December days can be, but the weather was relatively mild compared to what it could have been. The wind blew, but didn’t howl, and a few flurries of snow and some freezing rain had made its way down from the sky.  Either way, Minnesota winters can be less than pleasant and DeeDee considered her self lucky that she found herself in sunny New Orleans on business for a few days.


After an exhausting day, she decided to go back to her hotel and take a late afternoon nap. Back in blustery Minnesota, Sandra, an elementary school teacher, had left earlier than usual. The school she taught at was in a small farm town about a half and hour from where she lived in the City of St. Cloud. She usually carpooled with a couple other teachers who made the same trip back and forth everyday, but not today. She had to get her handicap sister to a doctor’s appointment that afternoon and knew she would have to leave early to make it on time, so she had driven herself.

            DeeDee and Sandra had known each other for many years due to their daughters being very good friends all through school and they had both worked for the Girl Scout troop that the girls had belonged to. Asleep in her bed in New Orleans that afternoon, DeeDee awoke suddenly and was shocked to see Sandra standing at the end of her hotel room bed. It making no sense, she asked Sandra what she was doing there. Sandra’s response was more shocking than the distracting sight of her in the first place, “DeeDee, I died.” What an awful dream she thought and asked, “What do you mean, you died…”

“I was driving home from work just not too long ago, and I died,” said Sandra. She went on to further explain that it was snowing ever so slightly on her way home from work when a large, white, pick-up truck seemed to lose control in the oncoming lane of the two lane highway she drove everyday. It seemed as though it was going to head into the ditch as it slowly veered to the right, but it didn’t. The white truck, driven by a young man, made a sudden jerk to the left in abrupt compensation and hit Sandra head on. That’s all she remembers, but she knows she’s dead.

            “Oh, I’m so sorry Sandra, are you alright?” was DeeDee’s saddened response to the story she had just heard. Sandra replied, “I’m fine, I’m absolutely fine, but what about my kids? What about my kids…” and her voice trailed off as her image disappeared. DeeDee wasn’t sure if she had just had a dream and woke up or if what she just saw and heard was an actual apparition of her friend. But that would be ridiculous. She had to have been dreaming this despairing dream, but when she returned home tomorrow, she would give Sandra a call anyways. What she found out when she did return was that Sandra did indeed die that early December day. She had been hit by a 17 year old boy who, on his way home from school, had fallen asleep at the wheel and woken up just in time to avoid going into the ditch. With the day’s earlier freezing rain and temperature drop, black had formed and he lost control of his vehicle.  Sandra had died instantly around 3:45 that afternoon… the same time that DeeDee awoke to her at the foot of her bed over 1,200 miles away. Sandra had come to her without a doubt, and as for her kids that she asked about? They had a hard time, but after 15 years, they’re doing well… I’m one of them.

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