Beware the Doppelganger


What do the deaths of Queen Elizabeth I, Abraham Lincoln and Percy Bysshe Shelly? Each of them foretold their death after seeing their doppelganger. For many just an urban legend, but for others, the doppelganger is an ominous sign of things to come. What looks to be like an “evil twin,” or as the German translation suggests a “double goer,” this twin foretells the up and coming death of whoever sees it.


Queen Elizabeth the saw her own doppelganger laid out on her bed, and she died soon after seeing her doppelganger.


 Even Abraham Lincoln foretold his death, after seeing two versions of his face inside the mirror of his bureau. When he told his wife about the phenomenon, and how the second face seemed deathly pale, she told him that the second face meant he would not live through his second term. Lincoln was killed in 1865 during his second term, proving his wife’s haunting prediction to be correct.


 The stories of the doppelganger throughout history continue. Famous poet Percy Bysshe Shelly saw his own doppelganger while in Italy, which pointed in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea. He even claimed that his doppelganger asked him, “How long do you mean to be content?” He later drowned as a result of a boating accident while on the Mediterranean Sea.


One of the more famous stories of the doppelganger is that of Emilie Sagee. Witness to the event, Julie Von Guldenstubbe, who was in the same classroom while it happened, told the story to her father who later described the event to author Dale Owen. For Headmistress Emilie Sagee, well-liked by the school and community, her doppelganger made regular appearances within the school – her double appearing and disappearing in front of her students.


 One day that double appeared beside her in the class, copying her every move, as she wrote on the chalk board. At a dinner party, her doppelganger mimicked her while she ate. During a sewing lesson, the doppelganger appeared at the end of the table and the students watched it as Emilie Sagee was in the garden outside. Emilie insisted that while she knew of the doppelganger, she never saw it herself, and only felt exhaustion while near its presence. 


As with any urban legend, questions still remain – are these just false rumors that have had the chance to flourish or was their something to this phenomenon? And if we see our doppelganger, is it truly a sign of death or could it be a warning? We may never know until one day we see our own second self staring right back at us.



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