Are Dreams Always Just Dreams?

It was a cold day in central Minnesota, as December days can be, but the weather was relatively mild compared to what it could have been. The wind blew, but didn’t howl, and a few flurries of snow and some freezing rain had made its way down from the sky.  Either way, Minnesota winters can be less than pleasant and DeeDee considered her self lucky that she found herself in sunny New Orleans on business for a few days.

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Opening my Third Eye

  It had been nearly a year since my Mom came through to me and over that time, it had brought me some comfort and even closure which I had been unable to grasp since her untimely death six years prior. My friend Jerome, who had made this communication possible, had progressed with his gift of clairvoyancy and had begun to help those who used him as a medium to find peace with whatever unfinished business they had left here on Earth. Some of these spirits were even hostile and he was able to lead them beyond. I had also developed something more myself in this period of time because he had opened my eyes to the possibility that there was more to be felt, known, and seen that what my perception had once allowed me to.

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Top Three Scariest Urban Legends of all Time


Urban legend…just the words conjure up pictures of sitting around the campfire at night listening to tales of terror that happened to a friend of a friend in the next town over. Urban legends actually may have some basis in reality, but most are just tales that are designed to frighten and cause goose bumps to run up and down your spine. My top three urban legends of all time are listed below. See if you agree?

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Beyond my Human Understanding - UFO Sighting

We were making the drive from Minneapolis to Northern Wisconsin to visit my in-laws, a drive we had made many times before.  We had left late to avoid the city’s Friday rush hour traffic which landed us in the North woods of Wisconsin as it was nearing Midnight. Taking the back roads as usual, twisting us to the outskirts of Antigo, our destination, we were prepared to take a left turn off the dead end road that led to the gravel pit. As we further approached the intersection, something was strange.

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The Suicide Song - An Unexplained Mystery - WARNING SONG ATTACHED!

The song “Gloomy Sunday” was composed by Rezső Seress and the lyrics were written by László Jávor it was about death and seeing their loved ones in the other life. This song is also known as the Suicide Song because it is known to have caused suicides after people start listening to it. Some people said that the song is cursed. When the song was composed, Rezső Seress was in a depression because of his sinking career. His girlfriend also broke up with him because he was in poverty and his music is not getting any recognition and applause. In short, he was a desperate musician. On the day they broke up, he composed “Gloomy Sunday” and tried to pass it again to record companies. Due to its very melancholic melody, the song was rejected for many times, but was accepted after countless tries. After that, it gained many recognition and was played in public.

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