How to Survive a Zombie Attack


The decision to survive a Zombie apocalypse is just that; a decision. 

Making up your mind and preparing for the inevitable, before it happens, is the only way to guarantee survival.  Before your wife, child, best-friend, or neighbor is found stumbling toward you with blood on their lips and death in their eyes, you should already have a plan.

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How to Secure Your Home or Be Eaten by Your Zombie Neighbor

Welcome to the first of many horrible, gruesome, utterly disgusting opinions on the end of the world brought on by the menacing monsters(not really).  We will present to you with many ways in surviving each and every single situation involving each different individual monster.  But, I wont guarantee that each way will work, there may be times when we wake up have a sip of some real sh**ty coffee and are just not up to writing that happy go lucky article on survival but instead will be writing an depressing article on how you and your whole entire family will be consumed by zombies (First Starting with your Cat).

 How to Secure Your Home or Be Eaten by your Zombie Neighbor

As you may already know that December 21 is only a few months away and what that means is absolutely nothing, but let's all pretend that we are all going to die and die by zombies at that.  When December 21 hits who knows what will happen, your neighbor may turn into zombie.  That possibility is a very hazardous possibility for you, your mom, your dad, YOUR CAT, your dog, your ant hill, and so on(hope you catch my drift).  

When your zombie neighbor is finished sucking the brain juices out of his wife and kids, they are probably going to eat your cat next and then you or your dad.. 

You may now want to try and secure your house or be eaten by zombies.  No worries, we have thought about surviving this crazy situation ever since we seen our neighbors in the office building next door give us dirty looks.

Read more: How to Secure Your Home or Be Eaten by Your Zombie Neighbor
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