What Are the Secrets of the Crystal Skulls?



Most people are familiar with the fictional crystal skull in the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. However, the real crystal skulls are even more enigmatic. When crystal skulls first started appearing in the late 19th century, they were regarded as interesting antiquities, and became part of the collections of the British Museum and Trocadero museum in Paris, as well as making their way into the hands of private collectors. In 1992, the Smithsonian received an anonymous donation of yet another crystal skull, life-sized and allegedly of Aztec origin. (These skulls are now believed to be fakes made in the late 19th century, due to modern lapidary methods used in their creation.)



Legend has it that there were originally 13 crystal skulls, all having different properties and ways of manifesting energy, and that they were possibly relics from Atlantis. Several different versions of the legend exist, and the most popular story of the skulls says that they represent the collective consciousness of the world, rather like a set of crystal encyclopedias. When they are finally all brought together, a new age of mankind will begin. Some believe that they are linked to the prophecies about 2012, and herald the start of the Age of Thirteen Heavens, when the ancestors of the Native tribes will return to help save humanity from disaster. The skulls are attributed with healing properties, and some are said to allow someone holding them to perform remote viewing and channelling.


The most famous skull is the Mitchell-Hedges skull, a 5” by 7” rock crystal skull with a separate jaw, said to have been found in a Mayan tomb in 1924, possibly by British adventurer F.A. Mitchell-Hedges or his daughter. His daughter Anna exhibited it periodically until her death in 2007. Sometimes known as “the Skull of Doom,” it  was said to have helped Mayan priests perform esoteric rites, including willing people to death, not exactly the positive energy usually attributed to the skulls!


Most think of the skulls as being large and life-sized, made of clear quartz, but some are small, two to three inches across, and many are made of other crystalline substances, including smoky quartz and amethyst. In the legend, nine skulls were said to be colored, representing the races of man, and four were clear, representing beasts that walk, crawl, glide and slither, or fly.


Which of the crystal skulls are real, and which are forgeries? Were they really created to help save man from coming disasters? Can they help us heal the planet, if only we are advanced enough to be able to access their wisdom? The mysteries remain, and only deepen, with every passing year, and every newly-discovered skull!


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