The Mysterious Owl

From the Sumerian God Inanna, to Bohemian Grove, to currency. All over the world the owl has something hidden in it's symbolism.
 As the Sumerians have the owl in their ancient carvings, the owl is also found on the United States Dollar Bill; Bohemian Grove worships the giant owl figure too.

 In certain cultures (China, Egypt, India) the symbolic meaning of the owl is associated with death, but you must understand that the owl is not a symbol of death. It was revered as being the guardian of the after-life, a highly respected emblem.

But Did the Sumerians regard it as the same meaning?


Why was it put on currency?

 We are sure  that being the guardian of the after-life is not the reason.  Wisdom, intelligence, independence are some of the reasons that we regard the owl as a symbol of worship.  But is strange to have a 30 to 40 foot statue of a owl? Hide it on currency?

Why did the Sumerian Gods which were considered aliens, choose it?
In the movie The Fourth Kind (which was dubbed as a hoax) an owl was seen before the alien encounter. So what is the connection between owls and aliens? The question is, do certain human beings have connections? Or do those individuals really know the hidden meaning in the symbol of the owl and are not telling the rest of the world?

 Is there a connection between aliens and the mysterious owl?

In the ending of this article, John Worcester (1875), writes about the owl.
"Gross and Dense Falsities, a Mind quick and keen in its powers of Thinking, yet hating the Light of Truth, and active only in False and delusive Light. Only to put another twist in the mysteries of the mysterious owl".

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