Living the Goddess Life: Setting Up Your Goddess Altar


Trying to reconnect with your sense of spirituality or to reestablish bonds with your femininity can be as simple as setting up an altar. An altar is not only for rituals- it can be a place where you sit to reflect and to reconnect. You don’t even have to use it at all, if you so choose. Setting it up may inspire you to be more open to what moves you, however and can give you a calming sense of empowerment.

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Folk Saints and Mexican Magic

Curanderismo is a blanket term used to describe the traditional folk healing practices of Mexican and Spanish American communities.

The name Curanderismo comes from a Spanish word Currar, which means “to heal.” Curanderismo mixes cultural aspects of Aztec, African, Native American and European religious cultures.

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What is Palo Mayombe?


Palo Mayombe is but one of the many religious traditions that sprout from the Ba-Kongo people of Africa. The practices of Palo focus on working with the forces of nature and spirits of the dead. The religion was formed on the shores of the African continent where ritual specialists would call upon these forces to heal members of the community and protect the community from outside threats.

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Animal Messengers: What is Nature Trying to Tell You?


The Universe has messages for each of us, if we are only able to open our eyes to see them or our ears to hear them.

Those messages can be glaring: “Great Scott! A meteor whips through the atmosphere and crashes five feet away from where you stand!”  Message received: pay attention, buddy! Or, the message can be much more subtle, like a strange song that tickles deep inside of your ear and repeats, repeats, repeats. They can come to you in a moment of solace or in a moment of utter panic. Your message may be delivered to you while you are sleeping or suddenly in the middle of a business meeting. And sometimes, the message is brought to you by an animal. Animal messengers can be even more confusing to some people, especially those who view them as only food or pets and nothing more profound.



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African Southern Folk Magic


Hoodoo is a title commonly used to refer to African American folk magic. Hoodoo is sometimes confused with ‘Voodoo’ which also has similar origins in African traditional practices but is a distinctively different practice. Hoodoo is a collection of practices and beliefs that were commonly associated with ‘rootwork’ and healing in the lives of many southern African Americans.

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