Is Witchcraft Alive in Indonesia?

As modern times creep at snail pace in many parts of the Indonesian Archipelago, witchcraft is still a daily practice on a large scale. Witchcraft is mostly revealed in cases where the offensive party has nursed a long time grief over some painful remark by the practitioner’s opponent or excessive ambitions are the rule.


It is being practiced in business circles, among office workers and especially among members of the lower social ladder. One has to be careful with servants, for instance, and be cautious with one’s words since they are very sensitive where harsh words are concerned.



One retired lady judge came with the following story. In her early days at the court she gained gradually the reputation as an earnest, hardworking lawyer. And topping all that was honesty and working as a true judge should.   She did not notice that resentment was growing among some members in her court which was not surprising because she became entirely engrossed in her work.  Until one day she felt somewhat tired and experienced   a sleepy feeling encroaching upon her, mentally slowing down her thoughts and movements.  She thought that coffee would shake her out of her lethargy. But, after a couple of strong coffee cups the feeling had not disappeared.   No improvement followed the following days. Indeed, the condition even worsened.


After work she half stumbled into her car and rode to her house doctor to find out what was wrong with her.  But, all was well with her the doctor said.  He wrote out a certificate for a few days’ rest. “You have been working too hard, take it easy.” However, all the rest she had had did not change her into her former self. The condition had grown into a strong sense of disinterest for the work in court. Her staff noticed that her energy was failing and that her mind was not focused on the cases brought forth.


 Then, one day, the old housekeeper of her court, shuffled into her chamber with a cup of tea and lowered herself on the floor since there was only one chair in the room.  She surprised the lady judge who was used that the old servant disappeared after bringing in the tea.  She was even more surprised when the old maid said in few words that the judge had to see a clairvoyant who could see who was practicing witchcraft on her. Those words struck the judge as a lightning bolt. She did not have to drink any medicine of the sort. The clairvoyant will only look into a glass of clean, pure water after uttering some mantra.


All said and done, a date was arranged to have the clairvoyant come and see the judge at home after court. He was a man clad in all black attire. He moved quietly similar to the shadows on the wall. When he was seated, a jug containing fresh water and a glass was brought to him. After he filled the glass he mumbled some words and became a still figure staring with vacant eyes into the glass. After some five minutes the clairvoyant finally spoke his first words:  “Someone in your office is bewitching you in a negative way because he or she is targeting your position. The person has a picture of you which is the medium of sending those unhealthy sensations to you. I recommend replacing the person or you could ask to be placed elsewhere.”


The judge appealed for a replacement of her deputy and that was the end of her ordeal.


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