Jenner Museum Ghost - Is it Real?

Are ghosts real?  That question is not going to be answered today nor could it ever be answered.  What will be answered through many many digital photo tests is the famous Jenner Museum Ghost photo. What I will do first is explain about the photo, a little history never hurt anyone.  The second thing I am going to do is test the photo through the same tests that I use to perform the UFO investigations.  What the result will show is whether there is a ghost in the photo or just a coincidence. 

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The Dogs of Dartmoor



Perhaps more than any other location, Dartmoor has a reputation for being haunted. It is fitting that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle choose to set his novel "The Hound of the Baskervilles," pitting Sherlock Holmes against a supposed phantom hell-dog, on Dartmoor, where ghost dogs, both with and without heads, abound. The phantom hound was supposedly based on a legend he had heard while staying on Dartmoor.

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Ghosts in Chiloe


Looking to get rid of ghosts?  Why waste you time with smelly oils and fuming incense stenchers? 

Avoid the call to the local priests and subsequently having to sit through hours of nonsensical Latin mumbo-jumbo.  Save the materials you would spend on sacrificial animals; with a few garlic cloves and a little sage you could make a nice soup instead.

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The Haunting of Summerwind Mansion


The Summerwind Mansion no longer remains in the state of Wisconsin. Now, the house is in shambles and the remains are symbolic to the house that once resided there. In 1986, three investors purchased the house in hopes of breathing life back into the great home. Instead, in June of 1988, lightening struck the home and it burnt to the ground. Although now only a skeleton, the history of Summerwind Mansion still brings visitors, those in hopes of seeing what ghosts have stayed behind.

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The Thomas Whaley House


What happens when a man buys a house that someone has died in? You will have a man who is haunted by a ghost. Thomas Whaley built his house after witnessing the death of James Robinson (or Yankee Jim) who was hung after being convicted of "grand larceny." Prior to moving into this house, Whaley had made his own way in the world through setting up shop in San Francisco after leaving his home town of New York. He became quite successful and developed three buildings on Montgomery Street, including a residence, a store, and rent out a shop that he purchased.  But when a fire destroyed his businesses in 1851, he relocated to San Diego, California and married his wife, Anna, and eventually had three children with her.

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