Jenner Museum Ghost - Is it Real?

Are ghosts real?  That question is not going to be answered today nor could it ever be answered.  What will be answered through many many digital photo tests is the famous Jenner Museum Ghost photo. What I will do first is explain about the photo, a little history never hurt anyone.  The second thing I am going to do is test the photo through the same tests that I use to perform the UFO investigations.  What the result will show is whether there is a ghost in the photo or just a coincidence. 


The Edward Jenner Museum has always had ghost stories surrounding it. A photographer for the BBC, one night, went to take some shots of the museum’s newest exhibit. When he returned to his office and reviewed his pictures this is what he found.


In the photo it looks to be a man sitting on a chair at the far back of the room.

Original Photo:


The photo does look like there is someone in a sitting position. 

Here is a photo of the famous attic with abetter camera and without that ghostly figure in it.  This photo allows you to see what the room looks like.

From looking at the second photo we can see that there is a white bed at the far back of the photo.

This is a photo from another view.  We can see that there is a open room in this shot and there is a light in that room.  This makes us wonder if the lights were all on and the doors wide open when that famous photo was taken.

Here is another view of the attic room.

That's the two beds that is noticeable in the famous photo.  In the famous photo you were supposed to see a ghost sitting on a chair, there is no chair in the room.  The chair was supposed to be in the middle of the two beds.  The thing is why would anyone(ghost or alive) stand in a sitting form?

This is the final view.

 This is the other side of the room.  Here we can see a window that lets light in.

 Now the conclusion, from examing every single angle possible and ran a few digital tests I cam to the conclusion that there is not any ghost in the famous photo. What it is is light and shadows of objects forming what looks like a man/woman sitting.

If everything that a person saw was real then the lady that said she saw Jesus in her toast was real or the man that believed that the cracks in bathroom tiles was a sign from Jesus.  It's just our imagination making something real when nothing is really there.

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