Demon Mother and Child Killing Vampire Lilith


Lilith emerged from Judaism as Adams first wife. She stood as a true feminist and a warning to all women of straying from the dominant male standing of biblical text. According to early Jewish scripture, Lilith was cast from Eden as a result of her refusal to submit to Adam, a feat she couldn’t bear to allow as she knew she was Adam’s equal raised from the same dust as Adam.

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Kenyan Omusiani


It is in every Kenyan boy’s destiny to pass the ultimate test, the rite of passage from childhood to manhood. And our rituals and customs revolved around the knife.


We are still strong traditionalists as far as the rites of passage are concerned. In our village the tradition is still strong and untamed. As simple as it may sound, preparations for circumcision begins as early as two months. It was my time to face the knife. I was required to take a pearl-white chicken to the local blacksmith in exchange for two bells that I was to use to invite my relatives to the ceremony. All candidates, whose bells were ready, gathered under the mother tree in the sacred forest each night and revolved twelve times around the forest rehearsing circumcision songs up to as late as

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Who is Takanakapsaluk


Before America added Alaska in 1949 as their 49th state, Alaska was a mysterious country.  There wasn't much people knew of the country.  All that was known were tiny tales that were as far off as any highly exaggerated story. 

Alaska was a mystery.

When Alaska was placed as the 49th state of the United States, many Americans had traveled to study and civilize in the once mysterious country which was now not a country but part of one.  Since 1949 to now there have been thousands of publications involving Alaska's traditions, cultures, history, and folklore. 

One of the stories that the Eskimo's still believe and tell to their children is the story of Takanakapasaluk. 

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The Japanese Folklore Story of Yuki-Onna

  The Japanese Culture has one of those rich, strong, and still very much alive cultures.  I love their culture from the food, to their religious beliefs, to the history and what I love most of all is their stories.  Their folklore is wonderful, each story it's own.  

If you had to pick a story out from their folklore to tell your children as a bedtime story you would not know which story to pick since they are all great tales.  The one story that I have known for many years is the story of Yuki Onna.   This story is a very popular story, it has been told in many different ways from people not of the Japanese culture.  That alone should show you how universal the story is.

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A Brief History of the Navajo's Spider Woman

 The Sacred Spider Woman of Navajo FolkloreThis article on the Navajo Folklore will be just a brief history of the Spider Woman. To even write a full history article on this mysterious woman would take many months to do.  It would take a lot of time get the full details of this lady and not meaning to research a bunch of books involving the Sacred Spider Woman.  No, to get the best information on her I would have to have my staff go out and ask questions, and get interviews.


 Please remember that this is not to be confused with anything dealing with the Marvel Comic characters.  The Sacred Spider Woman is much more than fiction she has the potential of being factual.  To many she was once real and not just a story. 

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