Human Combustion Case - Young Sik Kim

When it comes to odd ways of people dying, spontaneous human combustion comes close to the top of that list.
Man people each year fall victim to one of the most mysterious of occurrences on planet Earth.  The occurrence of spontaneous human combustion is extremely rare and dangerous, it always leaves the victim dead within seconds. 

One of the victims were Young Sik Kim of Hawaii, he had fallen victim to spontaneous human combustion on December 1956.
Kim had lived in Honolulu, Hawaii for the 78 years of the life that he had lived.   Kim was a crippled from the waist down for most of his life.  Young Sik Kim had was left with the limited mobility of a wheel chair to move from place to place.
 The most odd thing happened to Young Sik Kim on December 1956, he became victim to what many fear, spontaneous human combustion.   Flames had burst out from his stomach, burning it's way in every single direction possible leaving all skin, bones, and organs in ash.  When Virginia Caget, Young Sik Kim's neighbor, arrived to see what the commotion was Virginia claimed that Kim body was burning with blue flames and he been be, nt in like an envelope.  Virginia Cadet ran to call for help, she called the Fire Department for help.  The heat was too hot for her to go back into the room, so she waited outside until the firemen  came.
 15 minutes had gone by and Kim was still burning.,   Soon after the firemen came to see a pair of feet covered in a pile of ashes.  Young Sik Kim had been burnt to ashes leaving behind only his feet.  Even the wheelchair that Kim had been seated on were burn to ashes as well.  What makes this case mysterious is that no other part of the room had, any singe or burnt marks.  The firemen claimed that there were clothes and books everywhere which are both extremely flammable.
 Spontaneous Human Combustion is very mysterious and is one of the scariest things that can happen to us humans.   The scary thing is that we do not know how or why spontaneous human combustion works.  We can fall victim to it at time, unaware.

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