Zombies in Indonesia


There is an isolated village in Indonesia called Tana Toraja. The people here are practicing witchcraft and it is known in this place that they have power to raise a dead person. This was done because the people wanted their dead loved ones to visit their own funeral. This is also done because they also want to spare themselves from carrying the corpse all the way to the cemetery.

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A Close Look into Zombies


The thought of seeing a dead body is hard. But seeing a moving and walking dead body is another matter entirely. Throughout the years, there have been in-numerous movies and shows about the walking dead. The term zombie is used by paranormal enthusiasts to represent the living dead. Like the different horror creatures of legend, zombies have long been creatures of terror and fear.

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The Creation of Haitian Zombies



Zombies have been in pop culture for decades, beginning as B rated monsters found in Night of the Living Dead and currently introduced in comedies such as Zombieland. People love to watch Zombies screaming for human flesh and organs across the silver screen. They play video games, where they get to higher levels by killing as many zombies as possible. The thing that isn’t realized is that Zombies can exist with the right ingredients.

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Shambling Into Living Death

 Is there anything freakier than the thought of a corpse reanimating?

Even as a very imaginative child, my thoughts rarely dwelled on the idea that something could be impossible…yet I clearly recall the vivid sense of aversion that immediately congealed my blood as my eyes peeled at the sight of brilliantly morbid scenes of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. “A dead body can’t come back to life” I thought to my innocent self, over and over, eventually turning to my parents in the hopes of confirming my theory. Nay. My mother, who was a very religious person at the time, confidently told me the tale of Lazarus; about how he had died and how Jesus Christ, after three days, had brought the man back from the dead. “Resurrection is a miracle of God.” My mother had said. But is it truly exclusive to God?

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Zombie Mania - A Brief Guide into Zombies


Perhaps the most loved (and loved to be killed) supernatural creature in today’s scene is the Zombie! With its undead and decaying appeal it is definitely a monster of choice from games to movies alike. 

What’s with our well-loved Zombie that catches our fancy? Let’s have a better understanding of what’s inside a Zombie’s life or Un-Life as the case maybe.

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