The Sozopol Vampire - What is it? Video

This video is from the Man or Myth Podcast.  We added some extra materials and pictures in this video of the skeleton of the Twin of Sozopol Vampire and pictures of the original Sozopol vampire.  Plus some really awesome pictures of Vlad the Impaler.



The Philippine Lore is filled with so many strange and bizarre creatures. One of them are babies that were born but died unbaptized. They are called Tiyanaks. They are shape shifters that take the form of innocent infants crying in the middle of nowhere and when an unsuspecting victim goes to it to bring it to his or her home; it then attacks unexpectedly. They are literally the bloodthirsty spawns of hell. Tales about these beings are often told to all generations however encounters with the said creatures are only common in the countryside.


The Legend of the Sigbin

The Sigbin is a mythological creature believed by the people on the Philippines. It is a monstrous animal-like creature. It looks like a goat with very large ears and a long tail used as a whip. Its legs and arms are long are long and its stands with a curved back and its head hanging low. It is believed that it walks backwards and smells really bad. The smell of it can cause a person to vomit. It is also believed to have abilities to travel really fast in different places.

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Aswangs in the Philippines – ARE THEY FOR REAL?

 Aswangs in the Philippine Lore can be many things. It could refer to any paranormal creature that devours the flesh, if not, the innards or the blood of the living. They are like shape shifters as they vary in form. Anything that qualifies in both categories can be considered as Aswangs. They can look like regular humans but transform into malevolent creatures once the hunger or the thirst to kill prevails.

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The Human Sacrifice

 When we were in college, I stayed in an old boarding house near our university. One night, my board mates and I woke up in the middle of the night because of howling dogs in the middle of our street. The howling was really loud, and almost all of the dogs in the neighborhood were participating. The landlady of the boarding house also woke up. She found us sitting in the living room and waiting for the commotion outside to be over. When we looked outside the window, the dogs were frantically running in different directions, while some were just sitting and howling.

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