What has Happened to the Mothman

A voice, a small tiny insecure voice is heard; what is this voice and does the voice have any affect into our lives? 

It is the voice of reason, even though this small tiny voice which at times can be as noticeable as "The Incredible Hulk" smashing things to the earthworm that digs through the dirt without a sound to even be noticed.  This voice is important, it is as important as our so called, "heart," not the one that beats, but the one that makes us feel an emotion. 

But what does any of this have to do with the Mothman?


It has everything to do with the Mothman, knowing why we keep certain pieces of information is important.  Why have we not forgotten this mysterious unknown creature that seemingly has not been seen since many many years ago.  It's not like any of us at the time had the technology to kill such a creature.  It would simply be crazy to state so. 

But what has happened to the Mothman? Did it die of old age?  Did it commit suicide?  Did go back into hiding or to even an hibernation? 

These questions are small, and I know from talking to many of you, that you guys do not care much to even commit to a thought of the Mothman. What if this lack of caring for a creature that supposedly has warned us from tragedy is the cause of us not seeing it today. 

With new advancements in technology, a creature the size of the Mothman can be shot down within a second of taking flight in the air.  A hunter or even a man with a guy that keeps it for shooting tin cans in his backyard would shoot to kill this massive flying creature as a trophy; something to be proud about. Not only will a person in this time period will kill such a creature for sport, but out of fear.  Fear is a strong emotion that takes control of our judgement.  Fear is something that makes us act irrational at times where irrationality would be the wrong thing to do. 

 When I first started to write about the Mothman I came up with different scenarios in my head for if I ever encountered this unknown creature.  Each conclusion led me to killing it.  A bad decision but the only decision that fear will give us.  Now after a few articles written about it, I know that I would not not harm it but embrace it in hoping to make good use of it's supposed prophecy skills.

 It is important to know that the Mothman is here, alive within all of us just like that tiny voice. 

 Let's try not to  be afraid of things that are different.

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