What is a Basilisk

What is a Basilisk?

  Most likely you have never heard of it in your entire life, whether that life be a new, young refreshing life of twenty years to an old ripe age of forty.  This legendary creature is not very popular in today's modern world.  The Basilisk was a creature that was talked about as much as the Loch Ness Monster is talked about today, but that changed when the 21st century arrived.  Why did that happen, well it's quite simple, we, the people of Earth crave an always changing variation. 

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Can Dragons Be Real?

Are Dragons Real?

How many of us have asked what is the origins of this and that creature that we always see on movies and in comic books?  I have always been that guy, the guy who questions everything from the fiction to the non-fiction.  Questioning the fiction may seem pointless but the idea of a fictitious creature had to have come from some real entity. 

Stories involving dragons have been around for over 500 years.  If I didn't question things and do my petty research I wouldn't have known that, I would just be sitting on the couch thinking, "those damn brilliant Hollywood screenwriters."  But not every story is an factual story.  Some stories that have been passed down for hundreds of years may be true but can also be over exaggerated.   

Can Dragons exist?  That is the question that I am asking?  If they did exist why is there no proof of their existence and how come dragons unlike dinosaurs are told fiction and not fact.  To answer those questions we are going to have to look closely into the history of Dragons.  

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