Why Can't We Find Bigfoot? My Investigation


Have you ever wondered why we believe in large, I'm sorry I meant extremely large creatures?  Even though we have no proof besides the stories that were told by drunken-scared men and women; it just does not make sense.  I can't help to think that will ever make sense.

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Yetis Do Exist!

Yetis do exist!

 The mention of the great hairy men of the forest and mountains saturates nearly all cultures across the world.  While humans have made significant advances in computer technology, we haven’t begun to scratch the surface in documenting the vast collection of life on this planet.  There are great parts of the world that we know absolutely nothing about.  A quick glance around the world shows a staggering possibility that the Yeti might exist.

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Why Can't Bigfoot be real?

Today, two days before Christmas and the only thing I can do is ponder; wondering about the monsters that lurk in the shadows that had in-one time walked amongst us, but not anymore.    Wondering about such creatures can be bad, as my wife likes to consider it to be pointless to think about the past that may have not even existed. 

She may, be, probably, be, right that I have no idea about the reality to any of these monsters being real. 

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Bigfoot's Eastern Cousin, Barmanu

When the last time was someone got great evidence on Bigfoot, and I am not talking about finding a giant foot print.  For all we know Bigfoot could have a tiny foot print and that big foot print could be anything, maybe even a larger freakier creature? 


I feel awful, I haven’t been posting on Bigfoot Hunter for the past week, it’s not that I hate you guys(readers); No I don’t think I could hate you guys even if I tried.  What has been going on is whole lot of sickness.  I have the wimpy cold and my body is not reacting well to it.  Besides that we hired new writers at themystified and the interview process has been long.  I am very easy guy, I swear I must have hired about 10 writers to trial periods where the staff and management had told me to only hire 2 writers; How can I tell someone no.    L


On this article for Bigfoot Hunter I want us to go further into the myth of Bigfoot by traveling to a new location on Earth.  The location we will be traveling to is Afghanistan and Pakistan, two of the coldest mountain regions on Earth. 

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Are Yowi and Yeti Related to Bigfoot?

Here it is, the second article of the series Bigfoot Hunter.  So most of you who have subscribed to the RSS Feed have read the intro and I hope that you all have enjoyed the introduction.  This article is something that has been at the tip of my brain for quite some time, but I just never had a reason to write about it. What I'm going to write is a long explanation as to why I believe Yowie, Yeti and Bigfoot are all related and can be very well the same species. 

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