How to Detect Fake ALIEN PHOTOS

I absolutely hate phony photos that people try to play off for being real.  With the advancements of digital cameras these types of phony photos have been spreading rapidly across the world through the internet.  The sad part of this is a small percentage of people have been believing in these types of phony photos.  Most likely there are websites that charge you for looking at phony photos of aliens and UFOs.  I hate that, and with that I present to you an example of how to detect a phony picture. 

The picture above is a phony photo that I found on a forum that gathered both positive and negative comments to it.  A small percentage of people believed that the photo was real and had pure excitement over it.  The large majority could detect the photo was fake but did not explain to those how it is fake. 

As you can see in that photo I placed the zombie eyes in the areas where it looked odd.  Here why:

  1. The picture looked blurry in those areas.  (the picture is poor quality, but look at the areas clearness where the eyeballs are not and you can notice a clear difference.)

  2. The photo looks stretched, you can see this by uneven differences between objects.

  3. The photo has a bloating tool which will make an object bloat out in a 3D look.  You can notice the circular lines surrounding the bloated object.  Those lines resemble motion lines.

  4. The background is erased for and whited out.  The person is trying to hide the location and make it seem that they are somewhere else.  In this case the photo editor is trying to make the photo look mysterious.

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