How to Detect Fake ALIEN PHOTOS

I absolutely hate phony photos that people try to play off for being real.  With the advancements of digital cameras these types of phony photos have been spreading rapidly across the world through the internet.  The sad part of this is a small percentage of people have been believing in these types of phony photos.  Most likely there are websites that charge you for looking at phony photos of aliens and UFOs.  I hate that, and with that I present to you an example of how to detect a phony picture. 

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What is the Human Head Pig Baby (Guatemala)

Wow what a year have we had, from multiple end of the world theories, to craziness of wikileaks, massive amounts of UFO sightings and now this.  This is a hell of a year and I don't except it to stop from it's craziness anytime soon. 

 Just recently I heard on my local news about this odd anomaly that is part human/part pig.  Well not really part human/part pig. 

Noone really is sure if it is part human part pig, what they do know is that they don't what it is. 

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