The Philippine Lore is filled with so many strange and bizarre creatures. One of them are babies that were born but died unbaptized. They are called Tiyanaks. They are shape shifters that take the form of innocent infants crying in the middle of nowhere and when an unsuspecting victim goes to it to bring it to his or her home; it then attacks unexpectedly. They are literally the bloodthirsty spawns of hell. Tales about these beings are often told to all generations however encounters with the said creatures are only common in the countryside.

  I remember when I was young and we used to visit our relatives from distant provinces. We were told that we should be home before night falls and that if we hear any sound of a child crying, we should not approach it and just leave it be. Electricity was still rare in most areas in the countryside back then and because of that, the tales about the paranormal did many scary things to people's imaginations however, one time when my friend was on his way home from being told by his mother to buy something from the nearest store, he experienced something that would change his life forever. The nearest store was at the end of the long road where they lived and he knew that he would have to traverse the path alone. Going there was easy but going back was difficult. He carried a lamp in his other hand while he carried a plastic bag filled with goods on the other. As he walked on the dark abandoned road, he couldn't help but walk faster. Suddenly he saw something from a distance. He squinted his eyes to see what it was but before he could do so, he heard a baby crying. That thing on the side of the road was a baby and he was just a few feet away from it. He was scared to even look at it or touch it.

He did not know what to do next.  Should he take the baby with him?  Inform someone about it? Or be cruel and heartless to leave it there?  Then he remembered the warnings and the stories that the elders used to tell him. Being a good boy that he was, he continued walking past the baby. As he went further away from it, it seemed like the baby's cries kept on getting louder and louder. The sound was deafening. He knew he would not be able to defend himself if it attacked. Mustering enough courage, he swallowed his fear and showed the creature that he did not fear it. He cursed it while he ran away from it. He said devious words to it as well as holy things like mentioning God’s name. The creature did not budge then suddenly he could not hear its awful cry anymore. The Tiyanak was gone. He did not know if his approach went well but he knew that if he did not obey what his elders told him, he would have endangered not only himself but his family as well. The experience made him realize that there are other creatures in this world that we cannot truly fathom. In the darkness lurk those that we rarely see and he survived encountering the unknown that night.

Although he survived the deadly encounter, there might be others who might not have been lucky. Tiyanaks are deceptive creatures and know that humans can never hurt babies. Just like the devil, it takes the form of an innocent child in order to lure its victims to their deaths. So before you approach an abandoned baby in the middle of nowhere and take it with you, make sure that it doesn't turn into a demonic creature with sharp teeth and red eyes that preys on the living once you fall asleep. Because if you do fall into the hands of a Tiyanak, then you would realize that looks are truly deceiving and that there is always more to than meets the eye.

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